1261 Avenue Bernard, Montréal, QC H2V 3M8 514 948-5259


The story began 24 years ago, Café Souvenir was born and quickly became a staple of the Bernard Street in Outremont.

The Café Souvenir was and still a strong place for lunch and dinner favorite of locals. The formula … .de good homemade food, cheap, all in a bistro ambiance and décor.

Over time, the Memorial Coffee label has become that of a place to eat breakfast and lunch only.

So ….. One day this winter in 2015 a famous French chef who was looking for a prime location with a bistro atmosphere, pushed the door of Remembrance and us by opening a bistro restaurant specializing in mussels … …

The two were made for each other and the idea of ​​La Pêche aux Moules was born.

La Pêche aux Moules, so this is the winning formula for breakfast, dinner with the team full of memories and in the evening, the chef offers his Cédric bistro formula tasty with a specialty, mussels ……… .but not only.

Thus we meet today, the best of both worlds for all hours of the day.

In addition, the Fisheries Mussels will revive the great tradition of mussels on Bernard Street.